What is the $0.50 charge?

1 min. readlast update: 02.01.2023

I am sorry for the confusion. To validate an account and ensure funds are available, DecalGirl puts an authorization hold for $0.50 on your account. A hold will generally clear within a couple of days and will be released back into your account. You do not see these authorizations when you use a regular credit card, but a debit card lists all transactions. We are not the only company that uses this process. Most companies require authorization before they will put a transaction through. This is why you often see multiple charges when you go to the gas station. They authorize the card before the pump is activated then once you are done, they charge for the actual transaction amount. The authorization is a hold and is never processed as a charge. Some banks will remove authorizations within 24 hours, while others wait a few days.  

To have it released sooner, please get in touch with your bank.

For more details, here is a great blog about authorization holds: http://daviswiki.org/authorization_hold

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