Identifying your Kindle Oasis Model:

1 min. readlast update: 10.01.2023

The Kindle Oasis models are all quite similar in terms of features and specs. Our skins are precision-fit to each specific generation of the Kindle Oasis, so you must pick the correct model when buying one. Amazon has been making its Oasis reader for since 2016 and there are mutliple generations.

The easiest way to find out which Kindle Oasis you have is by using its serial number (found on the back of the device). Each model has its own unique set of prefixes. (The prefix is the set of letters at the beginning of the serial number.) 

The original Oasis released in 2016, has a model number of B00K8SXY4Q. The 2017 Oasis has a model number of B076H9KGJN, and the 2019 Oasis has a model number of B07KJW2T6G.

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